Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spotlight Site: The CCC in Kansas

The Civilian Conservation Corps in Kansas is a relatively new CCC-related blog with (obviously) a focus on the work of the CCC in Kansas. To date there are twelve posted articles, each a work of merit, especially to anyone wanting information on the work of the CCC in Kansas.

I particularly like the posting about the artwork of Joseph A. Johnson and the article’s unanswered question, “what happened to Joseph Johnson?”

So much of the CCC story has been written and documented through the work of camps in the eastern and western U.S. with little notice given to the valuable work of the enrollees in America’s heartland. The Civilian Conservation Corps in Kansas includes a useful listing of CCC companies assigned to Kansas. Not surprisingly, the bulk of the focus seems to have been on soil erosion work.

Finally, the posting entitled “The Future of the CCC” is especially noteworthy because in it, an enrollee writes that perhaps one day, as old men, former enrollees will visit the public square and find erected there a statue of a CCC boy in honor of their accomplishments. And isn’t that exactly how it’s transpired? Amazing.


historywriter said...

I am enjoying going around and reading the various blogs on the CCCs, one of my passions. I am a historian here in WA State and have written on the Three Cs for and for various historical publications. I enjoy writing about the camps and their work, but most of all I've enjoyed meeting the alumni of the camps and their families. Recently, I wrote a novel about a camp in the Pacific NW. Tree Soldier is currently out on Kindle and will be in book form later on this year.

I've bookmarked your blog as well as the Kansas blog. Here in WA state for the 70th, we installed a statue at Deception Pass. I'm hoping the other statues can be installed up near Glacier, WA where there was a wonderful camp. Many of their projects are in use.

Michael said...

I'm glad you dropped in HistoryWriter and thank you for your interest in the CCC and for your effort to preserve its history! I've often thought we should create a CCC Historian's Guild with a website or blog to which we could all contribute collectively. If you have a CCC blog or website, let me know and I'll add it to the link here and at the Civilian Conservation Corps Resource blog.

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Buffalo Crossing Camp, Eastern Arizona