Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spotlight Site: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's "The Look of Nature"

Our second Spotlight Site is entitled The Look of Nature: Designing Texas State Parks During the Great Depression. The site is operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and it’s an absolutely outstanding resource for learning about the work of the CCC in 29 Texas parks.

Visitors to the site can browse through an interactive Archive of CCC related images, view specific Park Profiles and work through an Interactive Program. There are even video clips and oral histories available at the site.

Texas in particular seems to have a special understanding of the importance of the CCC and its history, which at times seems a bit ironic given that many Texas enrollees were actually shipped out of state to perform CCC work in other states such as Colorado and Arizona. Regardless of how many may have been shipped to other states to work, the enrollees who labored on in Texas made an indelible imprint on the history of the state and their important work is nicely commemorated on this Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Site. Be sure to visit and save it as a favorite.


ForresterMom said...

Came across your blogs today. I rencetly learned that my grandfather was part of the CCC. Possibly around 1935/36 in Ft. Lincoln, ND. His name was Elmer Koth.
I am trying to find any info on him and or his possible corp, including photos. Any info would be helpful where I could find more info.

Michael said...

There is a great site devoted to CCC work in South Dakota, but I'm not sure there's anything directly related to North Dakota work there.

You could contact the woman who runs that blog and see what she knows. If you are unable to find the blog, post another comment here and I'll track down a link (for some reason I don't see it in my list of CCC blogs on this page). If he was at Fort Lincoln, there might be some good records there somewhere - it's also possible he did his "conditioning" at Fort Lincoln before being sent out to a more remote camp somewhere.

Buffalo Crossing Camp, Eastern Arizona

Buffalo Crossing Camp, Eastern Arizona