Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight Site

Spotlight Site

Once again, it’s been far too long since I posted anything new here and for that I apologize. My thanks to those of you who may still be checking in from time to time in the hope that I’ll finally get on the ball and post something new.

As a way to hopefully get the ball rolling again, I’d like to point you to what I’m calling a Spotlight Site. A Spotlight Site is another website or blog that has interesting CCC-related content. Spotlight Sites will be a way for me to quickly post new content here and to hopefully point you toward other interesting CCC history.

Our inaugural Spotlight Site is an interesting article entitled Into the Woods: The First Year of the Civilian Conservation Corps on the National Archives website. This article gives a terrific account of the creation of the CCC and its evolution during the first year of operation. The first year of the CCC could really serve as something of a metaphor or model for the entire lifespan of the CCC, a program that always seemed to be in flux as leaders and officials shifted the focus and work of the CCC between 1933 and 1942.

CCC Legacy National Reunion Coming Soon!

And, before I close out this long overdue post, a reminder that the CCC Legacy National Reunion is scheduled for Denver, Colorado this coming October. This will be the first time that the national reunion has been held in the western U.S. since it was held in Phoenix in 2004. Here’s a link to the CCC Legacy website where you can get all the information.


Steve said...

Thanks for coming to the surface again, Mike! Since I moved to New Mexico, I look forward to more history info - be it from AZ or elsewhere. Now what about that SoMo tunnel site?

I was just reading about the Magdalena Driveway, in west central New Mexico, where the CCC-DG (Division of Grazing) built fence and dug wells every ten miles for cattle and sheep drives. They were based at Camp DG-42-N, according to my source.

Also, the Deming NM museum has a CCC display that includes a binder of old camp newsletters, including some from AZ. Worth a visit!

Myrna said...

You show a photo of Caleonia,Minn camp. We have photo of that camp when our brother Homer Aiken worked there. I am looking for any information on the camp.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for info on my grandfathers brother. I just came across his obit.mentioning his time at a CCC camp and I'm trying to find info on him. Do you have any advice? Here is his obit.

LA PLATA HOME PRESS, La Plata, Missouri, Thursday, Jan. 11, 1934
Mrs. Charles Snow of the Ten Mile community received a message this week from one of the CCC Camps at Denver, Colorado, that Luke Cupp, a member of the camp, had been killed accidentally but no particulars were given.
The boy is a son of the late George and Myrtle Cupp. He is also a relative of Mrs. C.O. Francis and Mrs. Rachel Francis of this city.
The body will reach Clarence this evening and will be taken to the home of his sister and the funeral services will be held at Hazel Dell Christian Church, east of La Plata on Saturday.

Michael said...

A recently created death index to the CCC's Happy Days newspaper does not carry a fatality matching the name or time period you've given. (Our thanks to Bob Audretsch for his incredible work putting this index together by the way.)

I have some other suggestions if you'll post another comment with your email address I will gladly contact you directly with some possible research options. (Rest assured, I won't publish your comment, so your email address won't go out for all to see.)

Buffalo Crossing Camp, Eastern Arizona

Buffalo Crossing Camp, Eastern Arizona